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For us the principal leit motiv who guides our projects is to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

Architecture is the art and technology of planning and designing buildings, other structures and spaces that form the human environment. Does the term "architecture" come from the Greek αρχ and τεκτων (arch, ‘chief’, y tekton, ‘builder’ or ‘carpenter’).

" ... the architect (architectore) will be that one who, with a certain and worthy method and a procedure of admiration, has studied the way of projecting theoretically and also of carrying out in the practice any work that, from the displacement of the weight and the union and assembles of the bodies, adecue, from the most beautiful form, to the most own needs of the human beings " Leon Battista Alberti.

Beside constructing spaces where to live or to develop our work, also we devote ourselves to the Rehabilitation of housings and buildings. When we approach the study of a building or of a housing, as to our clients, we like to know about her history and their materials.

Respecting to the maximum her physiognomy and her principal characteristics you will see those of what we are capable. You will see spaces re arise where before there was emptiness, repairing her injuries or pathologies.




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